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Terry Dactyl is a human-pterosaur (possibily Pteranodon) hybrid created by the InGen scientist Dr. Burton featured in the theme park attraction Project Evilution during Halloween Horror Nights 12 in Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. Interestingly, the same year they first appeared Carlos Huante created concept art of Dinosaur-human hybrids for "Jurassic Park IV"

Phsyical AppearanceEdit

Terry Dactyl resembles a grotoseque anthropomorphic pterosaur. Lining the sides of its lower beak is what it appears to be a second mouth molded in a sinsiter grin.


  • The Terry Dactyl mask was created by Lee Grimes of Imaginurium FX.
  • Its name is a portmanteau of the name "Terry" and the word "pterodactyl".
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