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Personality Hungry
Appearance A large blue mosasaur
Occupation Attraction for Jurassic World
Alignment Neutral
Goal To eat everything in its path (formerly)
To kill the Indominus rex (succeeded)
Home Isla Nublar
Allies Itself, Rexy, Blue
Enemies Everything, Indominus rex
Likes Food, eating
Powers and abilities
Weapons Razor sharp teeth, powerful jaws
Fate Escaped into the ocean freely from Isla Nublar.

Mosasaurus was a large marine reptile from the Late Cretaceous about 70-66 million years ago.

Mosasaurus means "Meuse Lizard", referring to the river near which it was first found. It fed on such prey as seabirds, sharks, large fish, plesiosaurs and even other mosasaurs.



On August 25, 2000, InGen researchers while testing a prototype iron analyzer discovered traceable DNA fragments on a recently uncovered mosasaur specimen. Dr. Henry Wu believed this to be the only way of recreating aquatic organisms without extracting blood from mosquitos trapped in amber.

Mosasaurus was successfully recreated by InGen under the wing of the Masrani Global Corporation for their new dinosaur park Jurassic World. The species created was Mosasaurus maximus, which many believe to be synonymous with the species Mosasaurus hoffmannii, but others believe it to be a valid species.

Unlike the last mosasaur InGen recreated, the cloned Mosasaurus retained many features of its original counterpart, but there was a difference between the two. It also had a bite force of 13K, one pound higher than the terrestrial predator Tyrannosaurus rex that lived in the same period as the Mosasaur. The Mosasaurus also had a frill running down its back and lacked a forked tongue.

The Mosasaur lived in a 3 million gallon pool of water located near Main Street known as the Jurassic World Lagoon and visitors could watch it feed on sharks in the Mosasaurus Feeding Show. Visitors could also view her through an aquarium below the lagoon known as the Underwater Observatory to see her.


Jurassic WorldEdit

Isla Nublar Incident (2015)Edit

Following the escape of the Jurassic World Aviary's residents from their enclosure, Jurassic World employee Zara was dropped into the tank of the Mosasaur after being grabbed by a Pteranodon. The Mosasaurus then devoured the Pteranodon when it flew over the enclosure to recapture her, also eating Zara, who was in the Pteranodon's talons.

At the end of the battle between the Indominus rex, Rexy the Tyrannosaurus rex, and Blue the Velociraptor, the Mosasaurus beached itself to catch the hybrid in its jaws and dragged it to the bottom of the lagoon, thus killing it and saving the park.


Jurassic Park

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