Jurassic World soundtrack is the soundtrack album containing the music of Jurassic World, composed by John Williams.

Track listing Edit

  1. Bury the Hatching
  2. The Family That Strays Together
  3. Welcome of Jurassic World
  4. As The Jurassic World Turns
  5. Clearly His First Rodeo
  6. Owen You Nothing
  7. Indominus Wrecks
  8. Gyrosphere of Influence
  9. Pavane For a Dead Apatosaurus
  10. Fits and Jumpstarts
  11. The Dimorphodon Shuffle
  12. Love in the Time of Pterosauria
  13. Chasing the Dragons
  14. Raptor Your Heart Out
  15. Costa Rican Standoff
  16. Our Rex is Bigger Than Yours
  17. Growl and Make Up
  18. Nine to Survival Job
  19. The Park is Closed
  20. Jurassic World Suite
  21. It's a Small Jurassic World
  22. The Hammond lab Overture
  23. The Brockway Monorail
  24. Sunrise of Jurassic World/End Credits
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