International Genetics Technologies (InGen) is a fictional bioengineering start-up company founded by John Hammond in the Jurassic Park franchise.



Industrialist Dr. John Hammond thought of the idea to clone dinosaurs from preserved DNA in fossilized amber in the early 1980s. Hammond set up a research group, including Dr. Laura Sorkin and Dr. Henry Wu to carry this dream into effect. In 1984, they managed to clone a dinosaur.

Hammond, after this accomplishment, managed to attract enough investors to set up an entire corporation dedicated to the cloning of extinct animals in 1985, International Genetics Technologies. It planned to be the world's premier researcher of leading-edge genetic and biological science and technology. The company's headquarters was located in Palo Alto, California. Here is also what the initian research took place. Most of its research to compound by the company to Isla Sorna. On the island, the recreated dinosaurs were fed and grown.


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