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Feature films Jaws
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Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality TBA
Appearance Great White Shark
Occupation Hunter
Alignment Bad
Goal To eat everything in his path (failed)
Home Amity Island
Relatives Brucette, Brucetta, Danny, Vengeance
Allies Himself
Enemies Ellen Brody, Michael Brody
Likes Killing
Dislikes Starvation
Powers and abilities jaw strength, powerful strength, senses, endurable, swimmer and intelligence
Weapons sharp teeth
Fate Gets blown up by a scuba tank in his mouth (Bruce, first film) Electrocuted by Brody after she bit into an undersea cable (Brucette, second film) Blown up after Michael Brody pulls the pin on one of phillip's grenades in its mouth (Brucetta, third film) Impaled by jake's boat and bled to death or blew up (Vengeance, fourth film)

Bruce is the name for the various sharks used on the production set of Jaws. There were 4 Bruces. The first one did not work one bit. It was simply a shell of a shark stuffed with mechanics. The second Bruce's hydrylic system exploded during filming. The third Bruce had a problem also, as the salt water in the real ocean Steven Spielberg had insisted on using for realism ate away the mechanical shark's plastic skin and revealed the mechanical devices underneath.

Spielberg eventually decided that, as a solution, he would simply suggest the shark's presence rather than showing it, saying it would result in a bigger scare. This plan worked, until the studio told him he had to reveal the shark.[1] He had a 25-foot-long shark of rubber made.[2] The fourth and final Bruce appeared in the film, and can be seen at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Bruce's name was not used in any of the films.


  • The Bruces were made by Bob Mattley, who made a mechanical squid for Disney's 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea.[1]


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